Berry Christmas Cocktails

It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails!

Honestly, if there’s a time to have cocktails it’s in the lead up to Christmas! On December 1st alone I had at least ten cocktails, and most of those were before happy hour (shout out to my work’s bar tab!). Since then, I’ve remained committed to my love of cocktails, and I don’t plan on slowing down until the New Year!

Along with my Spiced Apple Cider, another cocktail I like to whiz up this time of the year is my Berry Christmas Cocktail. It embraces the festive flavours of blueberry and rosemary whilst also being refreshing for hot Australian summers. If you’re keen for a cheeky drink without the fuss or mess, this cocktail is for you!


  • 30mL Smirnoff vodka
  • 90mL Smirnoff North vodka liqueur
  • Sugar-free lemonade
  • Frozen blue berries
  • Ice cubes
  • Rosemary sprigs

Alternatively, you can use a punnet of fresh blueberries to retain the Smirnoff North’s icy blue colour.


This cocktail is a real simple one. So much so there’s no reason to list it step by step. To begin you layer your glass with frozen berries and ice cubes. Then you add the Smirnoff vodka and liqueur before topping it to the brim with sugar-free lemonade. To finish off pop in a straw, give it a quick stir and add a sprig of rosemary.

Because my glasses at home are 350mL, we used roughly 200mL of lemonade. From experience, this amount creates the perfect balance between lemonade, alcohol and berry. None of the flavours are overpowering, which allows you to enjoy drink after drink after drink!

I hope you enjoy this little beauty as Christmas quickly approaches!


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