FRIYAY: Seas the Day

Happy first FRIYAY for 2018! I am honestly in complete shock. Where did 2017 go? In fact, where did the last decade go? I’m in slight denial that I started high school almost ten years ago. But nevertheless, I am in full celebration mode. Summer has finally kicking in, I have a new MacBook Pro on its way, I’ve just wrapped up my first week back at work and I have a whole new year (filled with opportunities) that I have to look forward to! And for me, there’s no better way to celebrate than getting comfy on the couch and enjoying a summer-esque FRIYAY.

LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I think I’ve found my next favourite LUSH product. I’ve been eyeing off their Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub for a while now, but I held off because it seemed like a perfect summer essential. And it totally is in every way! Along with avocado, salt and grapefruit it also includes vodka soaked limes (!!!). Together they’re one hell of a combo because they help remove dead skin and black heads while also making the skin incredibly soft. I was in awe of how smooth my skin felt after a good scrubbing. Definitely a perfect way to treat myself for my first FRIYAY of 2018.

“Breathing Underwater” by Sophie Hardcastle

In May last year I was lucky enough to head down south to intern at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival. My favourite speaker was YA writer and autobiographer, Sophie Hardcastle, who kick started the festival. As soon as her moving and soul-stirring talk concluded, I raced out to the pop-up book store and deliberated over which book to buy (I was a few months away from moving to Melbourne so I was on a strict budget). I quickly snatched up her latest book, her YA novel Breathing Underwater and headed outside to get it signed.

It’s taken me quite a few months to finally sit down and turn the pages, but it was so worth the wait. It’s a totally tear-jerker. So much so I almost burst into tears on my train ride home. What I loved so much about the book was that it explored young adult issues but within an Australian context. Growing up, a lot of the YA fiction available was either American, supernatural or sci-fi, and while the lessons were relatable, the environment wasn’t. Hardcastle was able to capture the essence of my teenage years within a book, and as a result it was a book I couldn’t put down.

Luminessence Beach (Roasted Coconut + Vanilla) Double Wick Soy Candle

Margaret River is home to a lot of amazing things: wineries, eateries, beaches, caves, writers festivals. But one thing that goes under the radar are the amazing soy candles you’ll find throughout the region. One of my favourite brands is Luminessence, and their range is so spectacular, I honestly can’t choose my favourite! This time around I decided to enjoy Beach, which is the perfect combo of roasted coconut and vanilla. It is so scrumptious and makes me feel like I’m right back in sunny Perth even on the days when Melbourne is dreary and wet.

LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

I’ve never been much of a face mask girl, but I’m slowly changing my ways. This month I thought it was time to get my hands on LUSH’s BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask, but boy was it hard to get a hold of! Pretty much sold out everywhere, but now I can see why. It is so incredibly refreshing and helps revive you on hot, overwhelming summer days. I’ll definitely be using it a lot this weekend with a 40 degree scorcher!


Are you winding down from the chaotic festive season? Or maybe you’re getting ready to complete your January Goals? Either way, it doesn’t hurt to check out my past FRIYAYS for some R&R ideas!

Happy first FRIYAY for 2018! I am in full celebration mode. Summer has final kicked in, I've just wrapped up my first week back at work and I have a whole new year to look forward to! There's no better way to celebrate than enjoying a summer-esque FRIYAY.


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