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Reads of 2019 | LIFESTYLE | Justine Spencer

Despite completing a double major in creative and professional writing with honours, it’s been years since I’ve read leisurely. Last year I decided to change that and, as a result, I smashed through 17 books. It fell short of the 24 I was aiming for. But, considering the circumstances of 2018, I am beyond proud of what I achieved and also what I learnt from the pages I absorbed.

This time last year I touched on what I planned on reading. Given how much I enjoyed 2018’s reads, I plan on doing it all over again while also nailing the novels I couldn’t get my hands on last year.

2019 Reading Challenge:

I’m aiming for 16 novels in 2019 now that I have a better understanding of my reading capabilities. It’s significantly less than last year’s goal because I am no longer suffering through a 3+ hour commute every day – yay!

Books to Finish:

Books to Start:

Books to Buy

Books from 2018’s Reads:

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty impressed with last year’s efforts. I’m stoked that 53% of my 2018 reads were from last year’s list. And while I didn’t purchase as many books as I’d have liked, that’s kind of a good thing too. My bank account is definitely over the moon!

What’s fascinated me this past year is how much I’ve enjoyed non-fiction, and that’s due to my Dad and our ongoing habit of recommending them. I had to implement a yo-yo rule whereby I switch between fiction to non-fiction with each read just to get the balance. Otherwise I fear I could forget the beauty of fiction and get caught too far into the truth of non-fiction.

What books are an absolute must for you this year? Let me know in the comments so I can reshuffle my list for this year!


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