Constellation Jewellery That’s Out of This World

Constellation Jewellery That's Out Of This World | Justine Spencer

There’s a quirk about me that I generally like to keep hidden: I’m a sucker for astrology. Have been for as long as I can remember — which is a long time given Virgos have one of the best memories out of the zodiacs. Growing up, I’ve gone through phases of acquiring bits and pieces of zodiac  jewellery. In fact, I’ve got two Virgo constellation necklaces because my sister bought one as a Christmas present one year and I impatiently bought the exact same necklace only weeks prior (without knowing she’d bought one for me). As I regularly keep an eye on this niche style of jewellery, a few gorgeous pieces have caught my eye lately and it seemed too selfish not to share. Plus, I’ve included a few zodiac themed dishes so you can easily find a home for your bling too.


Constellation Jewellery That's Out Of This World | Justine Spencer

  1. Royal Star Gold Ring by Thomas Sabo
    Probably a bit to big for my minimalist style on jewellery, but I love the colours within the piece. While not zodiac related, it’s a celestial association was strong enough to be included.
  2. Zodiac Gold Earrings by Wanderlust + Co.
    Quaint constellation earrings to match my constellation necklace? It’s a yes from me.
  3. Zodiac Gold Bracelet by Wanderlust + Co.
    Following from the above, why not go all out and complete the look with a matching bracelet?
  4. Zodiac Catch-All Dish by Urban Outfitters
    A girl can never have too many jewellery dishes. I particularly like the grey-ish colour of this one. Goes with every other monochrome item I own.
  5.  Royalty Star and Moon Earrings by Thomas Sabo
    Similarly to the ring, these are probably a bit too much of a statement for me but I love the colours and the celestial theme.
  6. Zodiac Trinket Catch-All Dish by Urban Outfitters
    Who doesn’t like being reminded about their fantastic attributes as they’re dolling themselves up in the morning?
  7. Zodiac Sign Charm Bracelet by Thomas Sabo
    There’s something almost Romanian about this charm. It’s pretty heavy on the detail, but I like it. Plus, I need to update the charm on my Thomas Sabo bracelet given my 21st charm seems irrelevant at the age of 23…
  8. Constellation Disc Necklace by Orelia
    love this necklace and the packaging that goes with it. If I didn’t already have two Virgo constellation necklaces already this would be in my shopping bag right now.
  9. Zodiac Gold Ring by Wanderlust + Co.
    Why have a trifecta when I can have a SUPERFECTA? Plus, I need to build on my gold ring collection.

What’s your favourite from the list above? Or have you spotted some other constellation jewellery I’ve missed out on? Let me know in the comments.



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