Hey there! I’m Justine, a twenty-something writer, blogger and content creator who’s exploring life after university and finding my feet in the world. I’ve recently moved back to (my birth city) Melbourne, where I spend most of my time writing, reading, planning, creating and having fun with my gals. When I’m not fixated at my desk, you’ll find me exploring nooks and crannies, stuffing my face at one of my favourite cafes or hitting the town and owning the d-floor.

My blog emerged in the wake of university, after I graduated from Curtin University with a B.A. (Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Publishing) in 2016 and a B.A. (Honours) the following year. As I’ve grown, the blog’s evolved into a creative and personal outlet for lifestyle, writing, travel, food, DIY and wellbeing. No doubt, with a bit more freedom up my sleeve and a new city to explore, both this blog and I will evolve that bit more.

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