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What I'm Reading in 2018 | Justine Spencer

Chillin’ on the couch with a cuppa and a good book is my ideal kind of escape. During high school, I loved to read. And that love continued to grow throughout university when I studied a double major in Creative Writing and Professional Writing & Publishing, although my reading time was 99% study related.

Since I snatched up a rather quirky job in the city, I have the joy of a three hour commute each day (let’s be real – it’s three hours of reading 😉). So taking that into account, it’s absolutely paramount that I have a colossal collection of books on hand at all time! I’m talking science fiction, poetry, autobiographies and self-help books – just to name a few.

While my list is continually growing, I thought I’d kick off my 2018 reading list with the books I’m determined to finish, the books I’m dying to start and the books I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Books to Finish:

Books to Start:

Books to Get My Hands On:

There you have it – the kickstart to my 2018 reading list! I love it when others recommend must-read books (almost as much as I love books), so if there are stories that have pulled your heartstrings or blown your mind away, please tell me in the comments or hit me up on Instagram via @justine.spencer. Happy reading pals!


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